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Town And Country Care Team

All our teams are selected very carefully and are highly skilled at the job they do. We are confident that you will find our staff extremely professional but also very caring and friendly. As well as our team of Care Workers we also have our Administration Staff are always on hand to assist with any enquiries. Our Carers are split into 4 teams, The Ruby Team, The Green Team, The Purple Team and The Orange Team. Each team has a Team Leader, who is responsible for each member of their team, both staff and clients.

As you would expect each member of each team has been through rigorous checks by the appropriate authorities such as the DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service), employment checks etc, we have issued all staff with photo identification badges and company uniforms making it easy for you to recognise them.

To give a better quality service we provide our staff with Personal Protective Clothing, First Aid Kits, Personal Attack Alarms and also an Anti Bac Alcohol Hand Gel which attaches to their uniforms, all of these are to safeguard both staff and clients alike.

Green Team
The Green Team operate in Whitby and Sleights and deal with a variety of clients including those with mental health problems. Team Leader, Chris Mackay, is our longest serving male carer, him and his team also look after a number of younger adults with complex needs.

Green Team

Ruby Team
Jodie Farndale is the Ruby Team Leader, Jodie has been with the company for a number of years and has a vast knowledge of the care industry. The Ruby Team operate both within Whitby and further afield, providing a wide range of services from domestic assistance to personal care.

Ruby Team

Orange & Purple Teams
Naomi Callan and Meg Trowsdale are the Team Leaders of the Orange and Purple team respectively. Naomiís team deals mainly with high dependency clients, all carers are trained to use manual handling equipment and use the correct manual handling techniques. Meg's team also support a number of high dependency clients, whilst providing support in the Robin Hoods Bay and Fylingthorpe area.

Orange Team Purple Team

Staithes Team
Our Staithes team is run by experienced Team Leader, Donna Chapman. They provide services for clients between Roxby and Ugthorpe, allowing us to reach a larger field of our local community. Donna also manages our day care service during the week.

Staithes Team

Mandy Coates - Manager & Proprietor

Mandy Coates - Manager "After many years working within the Care Sector I felt I could provide our community with a higher standard, more client focused care package with a personal touch. In September 2005 I started to research, design and plan the Company that is now Town and Country Care Services. This Company was designed to enable my staff and I to provide a higher quality Care Service to our local community. I spent the next several months extending my qualifications, completing courses, researching, designing and setting the business up. I invested my time in achieving a higher standard of qualifications and standards because I didnít just want to provide just any care, I wanted to provide the best care possible for vulnerable people. This creates the circumstances that supports and maintains their unique independence, enabling them to stay in their own homes, retaining their self respect and dignity they wanted and so truly deserved. In May 2007 I passed the stringent regulations of the Commission for Social Care Inspection, CSCI, and established Town and Country Care Services. I am pleased to say 16 months later we have expanded rapidly on the foundation of an excellent and growing reputation throughout the Whitby area. We now employ over 20 people and continue to grow, with enquiries now being received from outside our original community. These enquiries are from people who wish to receive the same level of increased Care Standards that are available in the Whitby area. I received on Friday 10th October 2008, the Black Horse Business Award at the Whitby Gazette Pride of Whitby Awards. Most of my team along with a few clients witnessed me pick up the Business of the Year Award 2008. I would like to thank all of the staff for their support, innovative ideas, continued hard work and their professional caring approach to our clients. I also thank my husband, Paul, for all his help and continuing support".

Gary Marsay MAAT - Office & Accounts Manager