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Respite & Recovery Centre

VIEW OUR BROCHURE Debbie Ventress - Respite Manager

We would like to welcome you to our new service, the Respite & Recovery Centre. Town and Country Care is a successful, family run, domiciliary care business that was set up in 2007 by Mandy Coates, along with her Daughter, Sarah and Sister, Amy. Over the past 10 years we have build up a very good reputation with the high standards and dedication of our care team. We are always looking for new ways to support our clients and the rest of our local community, this is where our new centre comes in. Clients can come into our respite centre and their family can have a break and feel at ease knowing they are getting the high standard of care they deserve.

As well as being a respite centre, it is also a recovery centre. Clients that are due to come out of hospital, but their homes are not yet ready, can come to us and we can help them on their road to recovery, ready to return home. This can help them get back in to a routine with the help from our carers at the centre.

The Rooms
Endeavour Suite We have 3 single rooms and a twin room with en-suite, ideal for families that live away, who can come to Whitby on holiday and stay with us knowing that there will be the facilities for their partner and help at hand with the carers, just because you have a disability doesnít mean you canít visit Whitby on holiday.

Harbour Suite & Endeavour Suite
All of our rooms feature a TV, wash basin, recliner chair, wardrobes and drawers and an electric bed. All of the rooms are furnished and personalised in line with the name of the room.

Abbey Suite
This room has a special air flow pressure-relieving mattress for high dependency clients. This mattress reduces the risk of pressure sores for those who need to remain in bed.

Yorkshire Dales Suite Yorkshire Dales Suite
The Yorkshire Dales suite is an en-suite bedroom with space for two beds if needed for couples or friends staying together at the centre. The extra room available in this room makes it ideal for clients who need specialist equipment for transfers. The en-suite bathroom also makes it a lot easier for showering and toileting.

Meals & Facilities
Meals will be prepared by our chef using fresh local ingredients (when available), these can be eaten in the clients room or in our dining area.
There are wet rooms for showering and a spa bath in the day centre, we have additional equipment to allow safe use by people of all abilities. Larger equipment is on site, hoist, standing hoist, ceiling hoist (in spa bathroom) and turntable. Visitors to this facility will also have access to the large lounge/dining area as well as the all-weather garden outdoor area.

Based on the intermediate care and re-ablement concept, the centre will provide 24 hour support for short periods of time up to six weeks maximum for people of all abilities. It will provide step up step down beds (referral only) for NHS patients and will also be available to the private sector to provide respite care and short breaks.

The outdoor area is suitable for all weather conditions, we have our own greenhouse for clients to grow vegetables and plants. This area was Lottery funded and all of the construction work was done by Mandyís husband, Paul. It is also used as a BBQ area during the summer months with both staff and clients enjoy.

Please contact us if you would like any more information on our respite facilities or if you would like to book a room to stay with us.